Torta Caprese; An Italian Chocolate Delight
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Torta Caprese; An Italian Chocolate Delight

Mar 14, 2022
Fine Dining

First baked in Capri, the Torta Caprese is a classic, simple Italian almond flourless cake made with rich dark chocolate, sugar, eggs and butter. The Caprese cake is a gluten-free dessert that not only tastes decadent but is healthy and a great way to end your meal at AQUA Forte.

Origins of the Cake

While there are a few origin stories on how the Torta Caprese was born, the one that sticks out, takes us back to 1920, where one single mistake creates success and sweet fame on the Isle of Capri, nestled on Italy’s glistening southern coast.

The Torta Caprese was invented by Chef Carmine Di Fiore who made a mistake during the cake preparation – by forgetting to add flour to the mixture! Once the dessert was baked and out of the oven, thanks to its moist and soft texture and absence of gluten, it became the first gluten-free cake in Italy! Since then, the Caprese cake won the hearts of many, so much so, that it became one of the icons of traditional Campania pastry-making. It’s sweet popularity eventually spread around the nation, particularly in the neighbouring city of Naples!

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    How is it Made?

    The Torta Caprese is a great sweet gluten-free treat for anyone. The exquisite Italian chocolate almond cake has a light crisp shell on the outside while the inside is incredible soft and slightly moist. It’s made with dark chocolate and almond meal and finished with a dusting of powdered sugar. AQUA Forte’s version includes premium Valrhona dark chocolate, orange gel, almond cremoso and it is accompanied by orange ice cream.

    Wine Pairing

    Try our traditional almond flourless cake after a scrumptious meal at AQUA Forte when you dine with us in Galle Fort. We recommend pairing a slice of Torta Caprese with a fine glass of Barolo Chinato. Originating from Italy’s Piedmont region, Barolo Chinato is a complex aromatised wine, made with Barolo wine and a mix of herbs and spices. It is velvety and fruity, slightly bitter and spicy, and pairs beautifully with dark chocolate.

    Prepared using premium-quality ingredients imported from Italy, you can now indulge in an authentic Torta Caprese at AQUA Forte, in Galle Fort, Sri Lanka.

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