Celebrate Mom: Explore Down South on Mother's Day
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Take Your Mom on a Trip Down South this Mother’s Day

When you think about Mother’s Day gifts, you might consider flowers, clothes, perfume, a charming mug with “Mom” written on it, and perhaps jewellery. While these are thoughtful Mother’s Day gift ideas, of all the things deserving mothers get, there’s one essential gift they truly need: relaxation. And what better place to find that sort of relaxation than beside the ocean?

This Mother’s Day, why not treat the leading lady in your life to a getaway to one of Sri Lanka’s top attractions—the south?

Here are our top recommendations for places to visit down south with your mother, guaranteeing a memorable southern experience.


Galle offers a blend of architectural marvels, historical sites, and natural wonders, making it an iconic destination. While the town has expanded over time, the Fort remains its historical core, including The Lighthouse. After exploring these sights, wander through the bustling streets of Galle Fort, adorned with jewellery and ornament shops, and a range of eateries.

Spend a whole day with your mother in Galle and don’t miss AQUA Forno Bakery, located in the heart of the Fort, offering all-day breakfast and authentic Italian street food made from fresh ingredients and traditional recipes. You can enjoy crêpes, Italian flatbreads like focaccia and ciabatta, and cool off with homemade artisanal gelato. If you’re craving more, make your way to AQUA Forte in Galle, where you can indulge in a fine dining experience with a carefully curated seven-course dinner, perfect for two or more.


Mirissa has everything you could want: beautiful beaches, perfect waves for surfing, and lots of sea life, like turtles and big blue whales. The famous Mirissa Beach is a top spot for surfing and snorkelling. If you and your mom like adventure, you’ll have a blast trying out these activities and making fun memories together.

Within Mirissa’s natural beauty and excitement, there’s a relaxed atmosphere that captures the essence of Sri Lanka. Take a stroll through its streets, where vibrant shops and cosy cafés welcome you with their charm. You can also try out a variety of local food, from freshly grilled seafood to tropical fruits.


Hiriketiya is known for its stunning beaches with golden sands and crystal-clear waters. Unlike more crowded tourist spots, Hiriketiya maintains a peaceful ambience, allowing you and your mother to unwind amongst nature’s serenity. Additionally, Hiriketiya is renowned for its yoga and wellness offerings, with numerous yoga studios and wellness retreats surrounding the area. Treat your mother to a relaxing yoga session overlooking the ocean or pamper her with a rejuvenating spa treatment, to help her recharge. It’s ideal for a laid-back experience, perfect for enjoying with your mother.


Just as you would in Hiriketiya, get away from the busy tourist spots and head to Dikwella for a peaceful retreat. However, in Dikwella, you can treat your mother to a special getaway in this serene town, filled with luxury resorts and cosy boutique hotels that offer personalised services just for her.

After some relaxing pampering, you could also add some excitement to the trip with adventurous activities like snorkelling, diving, and boat tours. Give your mom a unique Mother’s Day gift she’ll never forget, with a mix of relaxation and fun adventures.

To cap off each delightful day spent down south, there’s nothing quite as memorable as sharing a delicious meal on Mother’s Day.

Galle serves up authentic Italian street food and bakery delights such as Brioche to freshly baked bread from AQUA Forno, to an authentic Neapolitan pizza experience at AQUA Pizza, offering a variety of pizza toppings catering to meat lovers and vegetarians alike, using a blend of locally sourced ingredients and premium imports from Italy.

You can also explore an authentic Italian fine dining experience at AQUA Forte. Their handmade ravioli pairs beautifully with their carefully selected wines, each chosen to complement specific dishes. Dishes like Spaghettoni All’aragosta which is a bronze-drawn thick spaghetti with lobster meat or their Agnello Con Salsa Al Pistacchio E Zucchine which is Australian lamb rack with pistachio sauce & marinated zucchini.

Whether you choose a casual or a fine dining experience, a delicious Italian meal during a trip down south in Sri Lanka is sure to create lasting memories with your mother.

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