Planning your workcation in Galle
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Planning your workcation in Galle

Sep 22, 2020

Workcations have been dormant in the past few years, but with the onset of the global pandemic, the trend has been incorporated into our lives. As some offices continue to exercise the Work from Home rule even after lockdown restrictions were lifted, combining work with vacation became a new norm.

Heading to the beach or the mountains of Sri Lanka offers the perfect option for a healthy work-life balance. Whether you’re planning a workcation as a one-day trip to Galle or a few days, the ancient fort provides you with perfect mix of culture, history and a peaceful atmosphere. Enrich your experience with an authentic Italian meal at AQUA Forte – ideal after a busy day of Zoom calls and emails!

What are Workcations?

Workcations allow professionals to get closer to nature while working, thereby having a positive impact on employee morale and mental wellbeing. For the corporate world, especially post-pandemic lockdown, it’s a clever way to gradually restart the economy as we adjust to the ‘new normal’. Separating work from vacation and vice versa requires a certain level of planning and will power. Here are some tips we thought you could use to plan your workcation – especially in Galle.

Why Plan a Workcation to Galle?

Galle Fort is a charming town, whether you’re visiting during the day or night. Although the cobbled stone streets are quieter without the curious feet of travellers from around the world, it’s the ideal place for your workcation. Lesser crowds give you the opportunity to explore the historic attractions at your own pace, while you take a quick lunch break or an evening walk to tune out from work.

Restaurants in Galle Fort

From Indian to Italian cuisine, the restaurants in Galle Fort cater to a variety of palates. However, do keep in mind that restaurants close earlier than usual due to low tourism in the area. AQUA Forte is open from 12pm to 10pm, and we recommend that you reserve a table prior to your visit, so we can ensure proper social distancing measures are followed.

During your workcation, head down to our Italian restaurant to enjoy a fine dining experience, whether for lunch or dinner. Try one of these 3 popular dishes for lunch when you’re dining with us at AQUA Forte. A glass of fine wine to accompany your meal will be the perfect treat to your day – especially after a packed work schedule.

Where to stay in Galle Fort

Hotels and places to stay in Galle Fort can be found in abundance. Whether you’re looking for a luxury hotel or a charming, quaint B&B, the options are endless. While staying inside the Galle Fort will add a certain relaxing charm to your workcation, staying away from the fort, in a resort with additional facilities from work spaces, a gym, etc. will also help in a seamless workcation.

Here are a few things you need to consider –

If you’re exploring Galle Fort by foot, during your day tour, visit the Lighthouse, Clocktower, Groote Kerk and more. Call us on +94 91 454 9650 to make your reservation now or reserve your table online. If you’re dining for lunch, don’t forget to inquire about our Executive Lunch Menu!

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