Is It Safe To Visit Sri Lanka In 2022 ?
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Is It Safe To Visit Sri Lanka In 2022 ?

Aug 10, 2022
AQUA Forno

An island blessed with history, culture, and nature and is best known for its warm, hospitable citizens, Sri Lanka welcomes travellers from around the world.

The country’s history has, unfortunately (or fortunately) been one of strife and struggle. Right from the colonial conquests up until its recent economic and political instability. While the remnants from the colonial years left numerous buildings and historic sites, that travellers from around the world visit, the ongoing crisis will definitely be one of the history books too.

If you were wondering whether it’s still safe to visit Sri Lanka in 2022, we believe it is. You might have to go past a few speed bumps, but the island is eager to greet you.

The Current Crisis

The ongoing crisis in Sri Lanka is unprecedented and has greatly impacted the daily livelihoods of many residents. But like many countries that have gone through economic and political crises, Sri Lanka is already working to rebuild its economy and bring stability back to its people.

While the people’s protests are still ongoing, they are mainly centralised to the city, which you can avoid by taking alternate routes. Curfews do get imposed suddenly in order to maintain public safety, however, these do not impact tourists in any way. You are free to move around the country and get about your holiday, just carry your passport for identification purposes.

In the case of electricity outages, these are manageable as they are limited to around 3 hours a day. Most hotels, restaurants, cafes, and co-working spaces do also have backup power generators. However, if you’re by the beach or up in the mountains, we’re sure you’ll be embracing the tropical weather or the cool mountain wind.

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    Why Visit Sri Lanka?

    By choosing to visit Sri Lanka in these unprecedented times, your holiday, directly and indirectly, impacts a number of people, from the hotel and its staff to the local Thambili vendor or Tuk-Tuk driver. The island remains peaceful and warm.

    As you explore the myriad of historical, religious and cultural sites, and discover a plethora of wildlife that thrives in the wild jungles and deepest parts of the Indian Ocean, you’ll be supporting the local economy. As you enjoy a taste of spicy Sri Lankan food or dine at our Italian restaurant in Galle Fort, you’ll be supporting the restaurants and its staff, vendors, etc. helping them to stay open. And best of all, you’ll get to witness the beauty of the island and be enveloped in true Sri Lankan hospitality.

    Is It Safe To Travel Around?

    It’s completely safe to travel around, so long as you keep basic safety practices in mind, like when travelling to any new country. Though Sri Lankans are going through a rough patch, the local people have and will always be hospitable and most of all, kind. When you’re staying at a hotel, transfers to and from the airport and any destination or tourist attraction can be arranged – simply check with your accommodation provider or a reputed travel agency. Backpackers might find it a little more challenging to travel around, however, a positive attitude and sense of adventure will get you far.

    The Pearl of the Indian Ocean awaits you. Come, explore one of the oldest living forts in the world, climb up the fortress in the sky and take in the surreal beauty of this island that we call home.

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