Introducing AQUA Pizza!
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Introducing AQUA Pizza!

Jan 31, 2022
AQUA Pizza

Over two years ago, AQUA Forte opened its doors to give diners a taste of authentic Italian cuisine. With the determination to offer guests an authentic Italian dining experience in Sri Lanka, Roberto, Ian and Paolo launched AQUA Forte, and today it’s become one of Sri Lanka’s leading fine-dining restaurants.

It is with this same passion, and with much encouragement from our loyal diners, that we are excited to announce the launch of our sister restaurant – AQUA Pizza!

About AQUA Pizza

Opening a pizzeria in Galle Fort has long been a dream of ours. We realised that while there may be a handful of pizza places in Galle Fort, it is very hard to find truly authentic Italian pizza in the area, let alone Neapolitan pizza.

Our aim with AQUA Pizza is to ultimately become one of the best Italian pizza restaurants in Galle. We created a space that can be enjoyed either for a quiet laid-back lunch while exploring the Fort or for a cosy romantic dinner. We also offer a takeaway option and soon also delivery service, so that you can enjoy our authentic Neapolitan pizza from the comforts of your own home or even on a beachside picnic!

Our Pizzas

Italy is well known for its culinary prowess, from its wide range of antipasti to its delectable desserts, which is why it should come as no surprise that there are several types of Italian pizza. However, of all the different varieties, Neapolitan pizza has a special place in our hearts.

Pizza Napoletana, as it is known in Italy, originates from Napoli, which is the hometown of our Head Chef Roberto’s family. Over the years, Roberto has perfected the art of preparing delicious Neapolitan pizzas, which is no easy task, as it is a Traditional Speciality Guaranteed (TSG) product in the European Union. In fact, the art of making Pizza Napoletana is even on UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage!

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Unlike at other pizza places, you will notice that at AQUA Pizza we offer a limited but curated menu. Because of our love for tradition, we prioritize quality and select only the finest ingredients. From the wheat flour we use to the fresh mozzarella, the premium tomatoes and different imported Italian cheeses and cold cuts, we take a lot of care and precision into creating these works of art.

Our Neapolitan pizzas are made by letting the dough rise for minimum 24-hours. After that, it is shaped by hand into a flat disc, and then topped with various gourmet ingredients. Once prepared, the pizza is baked in our wood fired brick oven at very high temperature for a very short time (60 to 90 seconds), which gives the pizza its hallmark crispy crust. The 24-hour rise results in a soft and fluffy dough, very light and easy to digest, while the smoke from the wood oven adds a depth of flavour to the pizzas.

Our Location

Located on Leyn Baan Street, just a stone’s throw away from AQUA Forte, our authentic Italian pizza restaurant is in the heart of Galle Fort. The Fort was the obvious choice for our pizza shop as the rambling cobblestone alleyways, Dutch colonial buildings and large breezy archways are somewhat reminiscent of a quaint Italian town.

Along with the gorgeous architecture and rich history, the Fort is set in one of the most beautiful and easily accessible parts of Sri Lanka, which makes it a wonderful place to stop by while you’re on a day trip in Galle or visiting the region. So, the next time you’re in the vicinity, come and enjoy the finest Neapolitan pizzas at AQUA Pizza today.

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