Dish of the Month - Risotto All’anatra E Balsamico Di Modena
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Dish of the Month – Risotto All’anatra E Balsamico Di Modena

Nov 11, 2021
Fine Dining

AQUA Forte, our fine dining restaurant is renowned for creating flavourful, authentic Italian dishes from the heart of Galle Fort, Sri Lanka. Each dish on our menu has its own personality, with its unique complexities and flavour profiles. This month we’re highlighting a relatively new item on our menu – Risotto All’anatra E Balsamico Di Modena. Read on to find out how it’s prepared, where it originates from and what wines pair beautifully with this dish.

The Dish – Risotto All’anatra E Balsamico Di Modena


Risotto all’anatra E Balsamico Di Modena, is one of AQUA Forte’s signature dishes, Chef Roberto’s modern reinterpretation of a classic wild duck risotto. The dish consists of Italian Carnaroli rice that is combined with perfectly slow cooked duck, served with a drizzle of Modena balsamic vinegar and topped with balsamic caviar and Parmigiano Reggiano crackers. This dish makes for a wonderful quick lunch that is sure to keep you satiated whether you’re exploring the fort during the day or enjoying a romantic dinner at home.

This dish perfectly encapsulates the traditional Italian style of cooking, where less is more and this especially applies to risotto recipes. The star in this dish is undoubtedly the Carnaroli rice. The rice is cooked in a flavourful broth while being stirred until the grains of rice become plump and creamy. The velvety risotto is mixed with pieces of slow cooked duck meat, which add a depth of flavour to this rich dish, and stirred with butter and grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese to reach the typical creamy smooth risotto texture. Finally, the Modena balsamic vinegar adds a tart sweetness which complements the salty Parmigiano Reggiano crackers and gives a modern twist to one of these favourite Italian dishes.

The Origin


Throughout history, Italian food has been a bastion in the culinary world. With an array of delicious dishes that change seasonally and vary from region to region, it should come as no surprise that several of the popular dishes we enjoy today date back to the Renaissance or even the Middle Ages!

The recipe for Risotto All’anatra E Balsamico Di Modena was passed down through the years and changed gradually, so, as for many Italian dishes, it is difficult to trace the exact origin. Some even say it was created to honour Pope Paul III and the Catholic Church in the 16th century. High-quality precious ingredients were used as a testament to its revered diners – a key feature even we adhere to while making this dish.

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    The Wine Pairing


    A fine dining experience is only complete with a wine pairing. This dish is rich and full of flavour, which is why we suggest you pair the Risotto All’anatra E Balsamico Di Modena with a glass of Alois Lageder Krafuss Pinot Nero 2015. Garnet-hued with a ruby shimmer, this pinot noir originates from the Krafuss estate vineyards, in the picturesque village of Appiano in the Italian Alpine Region of Alto Adige. The wine has a certain depth but is still quite delicate to ensure it doesn’t overpower the flavour of the dish.

    The Alois Lageder Krafuss Pinot Nero 2015 offers a pronounced bouquet, with fruity notes of red and black berries, and a subtle spicy, peppery fragrance. This elegant medium-bodied wine has a savoury-fruity flavour that perfectly complements the duck and enhances the umami flavour of Parmigiano. The subtle silky minerality of the wine cuts through the richness of the risotto and adds to the Balsamico di Modena’s bouquet, resulting in a greater depth of flavour.

    While you may not be able to dine at AQUA Forte just yet, sample some of these exquisite dishes at home instead, browse through our delivery menu. We deliver 10km within Galle Fort. To order, call or WhatsApp us on +94 76 119 0532.

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