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History in a Jar: The Story of Pickles, Preserves & Jams

May 20, 2021
Italian Food

Le Conserve: Our Pickles, Jams & Preserves
Before refrigerators were invented, the only way to preserve fresh, seasonal produce was either by picking them or turning them in jams and other preserves. Traditionally, summertime was the busiest time of the year in Italian households. Ripe fruits and vegetables were freshly picked from gardens and were then made into flavourful pickles and sweet jams to ensure the dispensa (pantry) was well stocked throughout the cold winter months.

AQUA Forte’s Le Conserve is a celebration of this tradition. Our high-quality fruit and vegetable preserves have been locally sourced using premium organic ingredients. Prepared using traditional methods, here is everything you need to know about Le Conserve.

How Pickles Are Made
In Italy, there are two types of pickles: Sottaceti and Sottoli. Sottaceti translates to “under vinegar” which means the vegetables have been pickled in vinegar which prevents the food from spoiling. White wine vinegar is traditionally used to make Sottaceti, although you could also use apple cider vinegar, and the vegetables are infused with complementary spices and herbs. Sottoli pickles are preserved in oil, however, this type of pickling is slightly trickier as the vegetables must first be cooked in a vinegar solution before being packed in oil in a sterile jar. Both are flavourful in their own right and are perfect on antipasti.

The Difference Between Jams & Marmalades
Similar to pickling, jams and marmalades are used to preserve food but are predominantly used for preserving fresh fruits.

Types of Pickles & Preserves
The world is your oyster when it comes to the types of pickles and preserves that are available. Anything can be made into a pickle or preserve, and it is made even better by the fact that it is completely customisable. Choose whatever fruit or vegetable you want, use any vinegar, and infuse it with your favourite spices to enjoy this Italian delicacy. At AQUA Forte we have a wide selection of pickles and preserves for you to enjoy. We have some of the traditional favourites like La Giardiniera, a mixed vegetables pickle, and Orange Marmalade, and some unique flavours like Pickled Beetroots and Apple & Rhubarb Jam. Browse our collection today.

How You Can Use Pickles & Preserves
The main reason which makes pickles and preserves a wonderful Italian delicacy is that their unique flavour can be used to enhance the taste of a certain dish or they can be the main event on their own. There is no doubt that the best way to enjoy pickles and jams is when served on a charcuterie plate or cheeseboard. The sweet and tangy taste of these condiments beautifully combine with the rich flavour of the cold cuts and cheese and make something extraordinary.

Apart from that, you can put pickles in burgers, sandwiches, salads, alongside grilled meats, and fish, or just eat it on its own! Our jams and marmalades are excellent in desserts like a Victoria Sponge Cake or in a quick yet luxurious breakfast on bread and butter. Another way you can use our pickles and preserves are as a gift. These gourmet jars are packed with flavour and made using traditional Italian recipes that certainly make for wonderful gifts.

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