A Guide to Dessert Wines
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A Guide to Dessert Wines

Dec 29, 2022
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Italian cuisine is an experience of flavour from various regions of Italy. Each dish can be effortlessly paired with a glass of wine that only complements and emphasizes the taste of the ingredients. And it’s no different when it comes to desserts. From gelato to tiramisu, Italians love ending their meals on a sweet note. Here’s are some basics on understanding dessert wines and which ones you should try at AQUA Forte at the end of your meal.

How Is Dessert Wine Made?

Dessert wines are often referred to as sweet wines, as they are made from extra sweet grapes. You can enjoy these wines as a dessert with sweet food, or with other similar sweet wines.

To make them sweet, the fermentation process is cut short, which the yeast then converts the natural sugar from the grapes into alcohol. There are three main types of sweet wine; passito wines, sparkling sweet wines and fortified wines:

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    Dessert Wines to Try at AQUA Forte

    1. Castellare San Nicolò Vin Santo Classico DOC 2013

    This wine is not too dry nor too sweet and is perfectly paired with our delicious Tiramisu. It is bright amber in colour, the nose is characterised by dried fruit aromas, with decisive notes of honey, caramel and candied fruit. Full and enfolding on the palate, while offering a chestnut flour sensation and a long finish.

    2. Bottega Il Vino Dell’Amore Moscato

    Vino dell’Amore Petalo Moscato is a white sparkling wine that’s best paired with our Delizia Tropicale; a coconut, cashew and passion fruit mousse with crumb base of dates, oats and honey. Th wine is characterised by a clear sweetness, pronounced and elegant bouquet, low alcohol content with a typical scent of roses.

    3. Marchesi Di Barolo – Barolo Chinato

    Marchesi Di Barolo – Barolo Chinato is produced with Barolo wine and pairs well with our Cioccolato E Caffé, a chocolate cremoso, coffee, gelatin, whipped cream and coffee powder dessert. The wine is characterized by its warm, full, sweet, aromatic flavor which leaves a pleasant bitter finish of gentian root.

    Need help?

    We’re always around to help you choose the best wine to pair with your meal, right from your starters and until you’re done with your dessert. A typical Italian dining experience is a journey of flavour, where each wine and each dish are made to complement and bring out the best in the other. Visit us at AQUA Forte and embark on a delicious wine tour of some of our best Italian wines.

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