5 Rules for Eating Like a True Italian
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5 Rules for Eating Like a True Italian

Nov 1, 2022
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Embracing a country’s culinary culture is important to your experience of truly enjoying that cuisine. Indulging in a delicious Italian meal is a journey of flavour with every bite and an appreciation for Italian culture, all perfectly created by traditional recipes passed down through generations.

Whether you’ve planned a holiday in Italy or a weekend in Galle Fort to dine at our authentic Italian restaurant, here are 5 rules for eating like a true Italian.

01 Go easy on the wine

Everyone loves a glass of vino! When dining in an Italian restaurant, always remember to go easy on it. Wine is often served to complement the dish, whether its your first course or last. Each wine pairing is meant to bring out or enhance the flavours of the dish or of particular ingredients. If you’re unsure as to which wine pairing is best suited for your meal, just ask our chef to recommend the best one. Browse through our range of Italian red wine, white wine and sparkling wine options during your meal at AQUA Forte. Here are some secrets of pairing wine with food to help you out.

02 Don’t eat bread with pasta

Italians don’t eat two starches together. Although bread is sometimes served shortly after you sit down at your table, it should never be eaten with your pasta. You can use the bread to scoop up the extra sauce from the bottom of your plate after you’re done eating though, this is known as “fare la scarpetta”; usually this is done only at home and not in formal occasions or restaurants, but most of the time they will forgive you for that, as it is a sign you really enjoyed the dish!

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    03 Pineapple on pizza

    Mamma mia! An American staple, but an Italian’s worst nightmare. Definitely never let an Italian chef hear you request for pineapple on your pizza. Through the eyes of an Italian, pineapple (or any other sweet fruit) on pizza is a gastronomic crime.

    04 Chicken in pasta

    The second thing Italian culinary geniuses frown upon after pineapple on pizza is chicken on pizza or pasta. In an authentic Italian restaurant you will never find chicken with pasta on the menu. In fact you won’t find much chicken on the menu at all, as it is not a very popular meat in Italian cuisine.
    Check out this blog, if you’re interested in learning more fun facts about pasta.

    05 Cappuccino after 11 am

    Never order a cappuccino after 11 am. Cappuccinos are usually only consumed at breakfast and is often considered to be a meal in itself. They’re usually enjoyed with a simple pastry. If you want a coffee with milk after your meal at a restaurant, you can rather order a macchiato, which is an espresso with just a bit of milk and froth. In general, coffee should not be consumed during a meal (except for breakfast). You can enjoy a coffee by itself or after you’re done eating.

    Food preparation in Italy is a labour of love as it provides a look into the nation’s history, culture and society. The delicious dishes that this country is known for have a special place in our hearts and bellies. Experience authentic Italian food in Galle Fort – dine at AQUA Forte.

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