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Rich Colonial Heritage and Italian Art

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Art & Architecture

Modern Italian design from artistic etchings and artisanal copperware from Italy to locally crafted furniture, set within a beautifully restored Dutch colonial house, contributes to the sophisticated ambiance of AQUA Forte. 
Derived from the Italian word ‘Acquaforte’, which translates to ‘etching’, the restaurant’s historic walls are decorated with Walter Valentini’s masterpieces.

Experience a blend of art and architecture as you enjoy authentic Italian fine dining in Galle Fort. 

Special Features

Italian Art

Admire the impressive collection of etchings by world-renowned Italian artist, Walter Valentini. 

Artisanal Copperware

Handcrafted copperware custom made by Navarini in the Italian town of Ravina di Trento.

Colonial Architecture 

The iconic arches recall European styles, specifically from the neoclassical and Dutch period. 


Get a glimpse of the charming Galle Fort and AQUA Forte.

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