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World Pasta Day

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World Pasta Day

Celebrate World Pasta Day on the 25th of October 2020 with AQUA Forte.

Dine at our authentic Italian restaurant in Galle Fort and try our delectable pasta dishes. Our dishes are prepared with imported ingredients and assembled using traditional recipes. Each bite promises a burst of flavour as you are transported to Italy – the home of pasta.

From the 23rd – 25th October, receive a complimentary Italian dessert when you order a pasta dish with its accompanying wine.

Celebrate World Pasta Day with our special pasta packages; that are available this weekend:

Gnocchi Di Patate E Ricotta Al Gorgonzola E Noci – Potato and ricotta gnocchi with Italian blue cheese sauce and walnuts. This vegetarian dish pairs perfectly with a glass of ‘Alois LageDer Gewürztraminer’.

Ravioli alla Norma - The homemade fresh ravioli pasta stuffed with eggplants, ricotta and pecorino cheese with fresh cherry tomato sauce pairs perfectly with a glass of ‘Baglio del Sole Nero d’Avola’.

Paccheri all'Amatriciana - Bronze-died pasta with rich tomato and cured pork cheek sauce, pecorino romano cheese. Enjoy this dish with a glass of ‘Antinori Santa Cristina Toscana IGT’.

Tagliatelle Al Ragù Bolognese - Homemade tagliatelle with classic slow cooked beef Bolognese Ragout. This delicious dish pairs well with a glass of ‘Antinori Peppoli Chianti Classico’.

Spaghettoni di Gragnano alla Carbonara - Enjoy bronze-died thick spaghetti, crispy cured pork cheek, egg yolks and pecorino cheese with a glass of ‘Villa Antinori Bianco Toscana IGT’.

Tortelli neri ai gamberi e zucchini - Squid ink homemade tortelli stuffed with prawn and zucchini, served with seafood bisque. This unique dish pairs perfectly with a glass of ‘Argiolas Costamolino 2015 Vermentino’.

Also, we have an exclusive pasta dish that will only be available this weekend –

Fusilli alla ‘nduja - It is a soft sausage, prepared with pork meat, spices and hot roasted red peppers. It boasts a unique flavour, combining the richness of pork meat and the fiery taste of hot peppers. Pair this dish with a glass of ‘Alois LageDer Gewürztraminer’.



Special Features

Authentic Ingredients

Our authentic ingredients such as imported pastas and oils from Italy ensure that each bite gives you a true taste of Italy.

Innovative Cooking Techniques

Traditional and modern recipes are prepared using innovative cooking techniques to prepare the Ravioli by hand.

Wine Regions

Enjoy an exquisite selection of Italian wines from ten wine producing regions in Italy with your delectable pasta dish.