Dining Experience at AQUA Forte
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The Culture of Italian Cuisine 

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Dining Experience

AQUA Forte is authentically Italian; special ingredients that cannot be found in Sri Lanka are imported from Italy, like Spaghetti di Gragnano, Carnaroli rice or guanciale. Aromatic herbs and spices are home grown to ensure freshness in each dish.

Dining at AQUA Forte is a delectable culinary experience of Italy’s finest food and wines and each meal is a perfect sample of the best Italian flavours. 

Special Features 

Meal Recommendations

Be guided on the perfect meal and wine to suit your palate. 

Authentic Ingredients

Whether from Sri Lanka or Italy, our ingredients are carefully sourced. 

The Experience 

Delectably blending culture and tradition of Italian food. 


Get a glimpse of the charming Galle Fort and AQUA Forte.

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