Art of Cooking - Experience Authentic Italian Cuisine at AQUA Forte
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Art of Cooking

At AQUA Forte, the passion and love for Italian food goes beyond the basics. By using innovative cooking techniques merged with our traditional, family recipes and the finest ingredients, each dish whether starter or dessert is made to perfection. 

Embark on a sensory experience as you enjoy authentic Italian cuisine in Galle, Sri Lanka. 

Special Features 


The best ingredients are carefully sourced to ensure the highest quality of each dish.

Fresh and Handmade 

Enjoy fresh, daily-baked ciabatta and focaccia breads, handmade ravioli and more. 

Innovative Cooking Techniques

 Whether food preparation or wine serving techniques, innovation meets creativity in our kitchen.   


Get a glimpse of the charming Galle Fort and AQUA Forte.

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